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Products At Work


MPB is selected by many major anaesthesia equipment manufacturers throughout the world to supply a range of high accuracy anaesthesia flowmeters, which fully conform to ISO 5358 and BS 4272.

Cooling system

A bank of MPB Series 1750 and 3500 Flowmeters used in the protection of a test rig in a modern development facility.

Bank of Water Chlorinators

A typical installation of MPB Custom Design Chlorine Gas Flowmeters in a bank of water chlorinators. Used in the disinfection of major drinking water supply systems.

Cold Storage System

A large quantity of MPB Series 630 and 1200 Flowmeters which are used extensively for the metering of Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Air in cold storage systems.

Level Measurement

For this installation an MPB Series SL102SV Level Indicator is used to indicate the level of boiling oil in the vessel shown.

Typical Test Rig For New MPB Products

In this instance an MPB Series CP130P Calibration Cylinder is being calibrated.

All MPB Industries products are manufactured in-house at our UK based factory. We produce a wide range of 'special products' and would be pleased to discuss your specific instrumentation requirements. MPB Industries offer a fast, efficient and friendly service and would be delighted to discuss your specific instrumentation product enquiries.

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